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Safety Tips for Hiking

June 11, 2018

Now that summer is in full swing, people are getting the itch to spend time outside. Aspen has so many great trails to explore and many great sites to see. Getting outdoors is one of the main reasons people come back to Aspen time and time again to enjoy the beauty all around. Here are a few safety tips and tricks you might fight handy before heading out into all that Aspen has to offer.

  1. Make a gear list: Before you decide to head out on any type of hike, whether it is just for the day, or maybe even a weekend long hiking trip, make a list. aspen-summer-1920-bg-resources Being out on the trail you really want to avoid an “oh-no” moment.  By planning ahead and doing research as to what gear and equipment you will need for your adventure may really save you a costly headache on your excursion.  Most important things are food, water, and shelter. 
  2. Start your hike early: The sun, the weather, and the time it takes to hike in Colorado can really change at a moment notice while exploring the trails.  It is much safer to start hiking in the early mornings to leave you plenty of time to get your destination, or to get you to a safe spot to hunker down if need be.  Furthermore, the sun up in the altitude tends to be much more brutal than down at sea level. Hiker couple looking at map in forest The later in the day, the more intense the sunshine is, making for hotter more stressful hiking and probably a more severe sun burn.  Leaving early also guarantees more hours of daylight.  Some hikes may take longer than you expect, so giving yourself more hours of daylight could really come in handy.
  3. Research the area ahead of time: What is the weather usually like? What types of animals are in the area? Does it usually rain in the afternoon? All of these questions are topics you should research before exploring a new area.  Furthermore, you might want to research what poisonous plants might be in the area, if there are any hiking alerts, or if you are allowed to have fires.  Researching areas ahead of time will keep you, your loved ones, any many other people safe before and after your time on the trail. 
  4. Tell someone before you: This might be the most important rule that is most often forgotten. Whenever you are going on a hike, tell someone where you are going.  Let them know if they do not hear from you by a certain time, that they should take action and send for help. 

Hiking is a wonderful way to enjoy all the gorgeous areas of Aspen.  Taking the time beforehand to research and learn about the area you are going to beforehand will be incredibly helpful. 

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