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New Activities Coming to the Lost Forest at Snowmass

July 4, 2017
There's a lot of action-packed adventure coming to Snowmass next summer.  These enhancements include new activities, expanded hiking and biking trails and more. These additions allow you to be completely immersed in nature while enjoying an array of activities. Lost Forest is designed to be intertwined with nature, not detached from it. The Lost Forest has something to offer no matter what age or activity level desired.
Breathtaker Alpine Coaster
Set to open during 2017/18 ski season this new adventure ride will drop you more than 400 vertical feet on a mile of turning track. Breathtaker will feature a 5,700 foot track with a total ride time of seven to nine minutes. You will be able to control your speed during the thrilling ride. To make this unforgettable experience even more exciting, the coaster will be equipped with lights for night operations and will be open during both the winter and summer season.

Canopy Run Zipline Tour
With eight ziplines, two sky bridges, and platforms mounted in the trees themselves, this guided experience lets you leave the ground behind for three hours of flight. The Canopy Run is planned to be one of the most unique zipline course in Colorado featuring the new for our area tree-based platforms. Every touring group is going to be eight to ten people accompanied by two skilled zipline guides. During this zipline adventure you will be able to control your own speed and the guides will operate a safety system for backup. The Canopy Tour will be more than a thrilling adventure it is meant to educate guest about the beautiful mountain environment and encourage them to preserve it.  
Treeline Trail Challenge Course
This challenging ropes course will be located 40 feet into the air right above Meadows Carpet lift. The Treeline Trail will offer five different paths at five different difficulty levels. A very easy course for kids, one easy, two medium and a difficult for adults. Along the way, you’ll encounter all sorts of physical and mental challenges and test your balance and coordination in a safe environment under a guide’s watchful eye and a constant belay system. 
Rugged Ascent Climbing Wall
The Rugged Ascent climbing wall will be instaled at Elk Camp. Approximately 40 feet tall and 60 feet wide, this custom climbing wall will have dozens of routes of varying difficulty. Auto-belay devices will ensure a safe environment for entusiasts from all ability level to enjoy a realistic rock climbing experience.

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